How to Get Listed

Not Listed?

If you find that your business is not listed on this site, we apologize. This is a free service offered by Main Street Ripley for the city-wide merchants of Ripley, WV.  Businesses often turn over and new businesses are always arriving. Staying on top of that transition is not always easy. So we ask your help in keeping this directory current.  If your business, or you frequent a business that is not listed, please let us know.

In order to maintain the scope of this site and to keep the focus on Ripley
businesses, to be listed you must:

  • have a telephone exchange of 372 or 373.

  • or be physically located within the city limits of Ripley, WV or have a 25271 zip code.

  • or be a supporter of Main Street Ripley (this applies to those outside the physical city limits of Ripley)

We will list you for free with the following information:  Name of your business, address and phone number.

Why do some listings have photos and links?

If you are a supporter of Main Street Ripley, you will receive, as a benefit, for free the following:

  • Name of owner if desired

  • Web Address and/or email 

  • Logo or photo of choice

  • Additional information such as office hours, product line, food venues.

Sponsorships help Main Street Ripley keep this award winning program
moving forward in their efforts to support business and keep the
community economically vibrant.
Main Street Ripley is a 501(c)3 Corporation.


You can also reach us by phone 304-372-1637 or stop by the office at 109 North Court St.